Post Operative Care

The wound will be covered with a cotton wool which acts as a barrier between the wound and potential contamination by stools and urine. Over the next 12 hrs the cotton wool will go hard and this will provide the seal around the wound for the next two days.


For the first 2 post-operative days apply the nappies loosely.


Should there be a problem or urgent query in the first 24-48 hours after the procedure, please ring the surgery during business hours and request to speak to the nurse. If after hours, please call our locum medical service on 13 26 60 identify yourself as the parent of a circumcised infant and request to contact Dr Ishak.


Leave the cotton wool around the shaft of the penis in place for 48 hours (only sponge baby – DO NOT BATH).


Rarely 1-2 doses of infant paracetamol may be required for pain relief.


After 48 hours, give your baby a 15-20 minute bath, allow the cotton wool to soak before you gently remove it


No creams or other medications are required in the post operative period.


Please make an appointment to see Dr Ishak in a week time. On arrival at this appointment ask to see the nurse first. If you have a Medicare number for the child, the visit will be bulk-billed. If not a small fee will be charged


If there any problems or further questions please phone the surgery on the number in “Contact Us”.