Why do we Circumcise?

Reasons stated by parents to undergo circumcision for their son:


  • Religious
  • Cultural
  • Traditional
  • To be like the rest of the family i.e. Father, brothers and uncles.
  • To avoid complications that occurred in other family members necessitating a circumcision during adolescence or adulthood.
  • To improve hygiene in the older years of life.
  • Legal and bio-ethical Issues


Parents have the right, indeed the duty, to make informed medical decision on behalf of their children. Parents should have access to unbiased and clear information on the potential benefits and medical risks of the procedure prior to making a decision to proceed with the circumcision. Therefore pre-procedure consultation is very valuable.


For further inquiries and information please contact Dr Ishak, In his room at Stirling Central Medcial Group in Westminster – Perth, Western Australia.


This procedure is performed on newborns within the first few days of life – Best performed in the FIRST 10 Days – though it can be done in the first few weeks of life