The day of the Procedure

The parents will be counselled about the procedure, complications, post-operative care prior to getting the consent to go ahead with the circumcision.


Who performs circumcisions?

Circumcisions are performed by Dr H. M. Ishak who has extensive experience in newborn circumcisions gained from performing thousands of successful newborn circumcisions in Perth, Western Australia.


Cost of the procedure:

The cost of the procedure is partly rebatable from Medicare. The fee is settled on the day.


The procedure:

The procedure takes few minutes to perform during which time the parents are encouraged to leave the surgery for a short period of 15 minutes.


Post-operative care:


The baby is observed for a period of 60-90 minutes post operatively while cared for by his parents before being discharged in his parents care.


What to bring on the day:


A bottle of expressed or formula milk